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AC Studios 256 HD BatPack 2013 (HQ) For EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download

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Aye mates! It’s been a long time since I have published any patch or so, so it’s the time to publish a new batpack created by a new type of studio – AC Studios! Yes, we finally have a batpack after the sensational ZAX-256 BatPack!

NOTE: This patch is only for modders and developers, so if you guys want to download it, make sure you’re going to utilize it, because there’s no use since it’s not a cricket patch or somewhat!

AC Studios BatPack official cover (click to enlarge)

Looks pretty awesome right? This batpack is completely created by AC Studios and I am publishing this with their permission. After all, this hard work deserves at least this spot!


As I mentioned this batpack is currently only useful to the developers and modders, so it obviously has some other software requirements too. Click on the software to download them:

List of Bats Included:

Adidas Incurza 2012
Adidas Incurza 2013
Adidas Libro 2012
Adidas Libro 2013
Adidas Peralla 2012
Adidas Peralla 2013
Adidas Peralla 2013(Kevin Pieterson)
Adidas S.T(EW)
Adidas S.T(KW)
Aero Vintage
AS Falcon
AS G200
AS V10
AS V12
B&S Supreme 2012(Richard Levi)
BAS Shadow LE
BAS Shadow LE(Alviro Peterson)
BAS Bow 20-20
BAS Bow 20-20(Hashim Amla)
BAS Vampire
BDM Admiral Jumbo
BDM Dynamic Power
BOOM BOOM Accelerator 175 '12
BOOM BOOM Blaze 175 '12
BOOM BOOM Signature 100 '12
BOOM BOOM Accelarator 2013
BOOM BOOM Arrogance 2013
BOOM BOOM Blaze 2013
BOOM BOOM Signature 2013
BS BMK 7.0(Kamran Akmal)
Buzz EW
Buzz EW(Grant Elliott)
Buzz Gold
CA 20-20
CA 15000(Nasir Jamshed)
CA Cover Drive
CA Huge Star 2
CA Huge Star 5
CA Plus 10000
CA Plus 12000(Tillakaratne Dilshan)
Chase Finback R11
Chase FLC R11
Chase Lancer R11
Chase Volante R11
County Chaos
County Chunky
County Crusader
County XCEL
CP Awesome
CP Sting
D&P Black LE
D&P Vector LE
D&P Vector 900
Funky Dude LE 2012
Funky Fire LE 2012
Funky LE 2012
Funky Slug LE 2012
GM Argon 2013
GM Argon F2 2013
GM Epic 2012
GM Flare 2011
GM Halo 2012
GM Halo 2012(Shane Watson)
GM Icon 2012
GM Icon F2 2013
GM MAX-E 2012
GM MAX-E 2012(Faf Du Plessis)
GM Octane 2013
GM Zona F2 2013
GN A61 2012
GN DynaDrive 2013
GN E41 2013
GN E41 Scoop 2013
GN EVO 2012
GN 100 Scoop 2013
GN Kaboom 2013
GN Legend 2013
GN Maverick 2013
GN Nitro 2012
GN Oblivion 2013
GN Oblivion 2013(Alastair Cook)
GN Powerbow 2013
GN Powerbow(George Bailey)
GN Powerbow(Cameron White)
GN Quantam 2012
GN X181 2013
Groove Exclusive addition(Adam Voges)
Hero(Virender Sehwag VS 319)
Hunts county Caerulex 2013
Hunts county Clipper 2013
Hunts county Envy 2013
Hunts county Glory 2013
Hunts county Mettle 2013
Hunts county Reflex 2013
Hunts county Triumph 2013
Hunts county International 2013
Ihsan Lynx X2
Ihsan Lynx X3
KG Exclusive
KG Gold
Kookaburra Kahuna T20 2012
Kookaburra Blade 2012
Kookaburra Kahuna 2012
Kookaburra Kahuna 2012(AB De Villiers)
Kookaburra Recoil 2012
Kookaburra Ricochet 2013
Kookaburra Rogue 2012
Kookaburra Menace 2013
Kookaburra Recoil 2013
Kookaburra Kahuna 2013
M&H Amplus 2013
M&H Distinction 2013
M&H Harlequin 2013
M&H The Master 2013
MATRRIXX Gladiator 2013
MATRRIXX S-10 2013
MB Malik LE
MB Malik Zulfi
Mongoose Cor3 Series 2013
Mongoose Cor3 Super Premium 2013
Mongoose mmi3 Super Premium 2013
Mongoose Torq Super Premium 2013
MRF Genius(Gautham Gambhir)
MRF Genius(Rohit Sharma)
NB New Balance 2013(Jonathan Trott)
Newbery GT 2013
Newbery Krakotoa 2013
Newbery Thruxton 2013
Newbery UZI 2013
Nike Drive 2013
Nike Opener 2013
PR Premier Gray
PR Premier Mahroon
PR Premier Red
PR(Younis Khan)
PR(Imran Farhat)
Protos Pro Red
Protos Pro Yellow
Puma Bionic 2013
Puma Platinum 2013
Puma Pro 2013
Puma Bionic 6000 '12
Puma Calibre 6000 '12
Puma Cobalt 6000 '12
Puma Karbon 6000 '12
Puma Platinum 6000 '12
Puma Platinum Black Edition 2012
Puma Platinum white Edition 2012
Puma Pulse 5000 '12
Puma Pulse 5000 '12(Yuvraj Singh)
Puma Pulse 5000 '13
Puma Pulse IPL 6000 '12
Reebok Black Cover Drive
Reebok Blue LE
Reebok KW
Reebok Zigtech
Reebok Zigtech(Harbhajan Singh)
Reebok D7
Reebok(Mahendra Singh Dhoni)
RNS Larson Dyna Power
RNS Larson Pinch Hitter
RNS Larson Professional
RNS Larson Thunder
RNS Larson Unik
SF Elite Player 2012
SF Giant 2012
SF Hero 2012
SF Impressive 2012
SF LE 2012
SF Triumph 2012
SF VA 900 '12
SF Platinum 2013
SF Sapphire 2013
SF Triumph 2013
SG Century Extreme 2012
SG Cobra Max 2012
SG King Cobra 2012
SG Nexux Xtreme 2012
SG Reliant Extreme 2012
SG RSD Ultimate 2012
SG RSD Ultimate 2012(2nd Version)
SG STD T20i 2012
SG Sunny Gold 2012
SG Sunny Legend 2012
SG Sunny Tony 2012
SG Super Cover 2012
SG Triple Crown 2012
SG V319 Destroyer 2012
SG V319 Ultimate 2012
Slazenger V6 '13
Slazenger V12 '13
Slazenger V100 '13
Slazenger V360 '13
Slazenger V600 '13
Slazenger V1200 '13
Slazenger V100 '12
Slazenger V200 '12
Slazenger V360 '12
Slazenger V500 '12
Smasher API-G
Smasher Bully
Smasher GR8
Spartan CG(Chris Gayle) 2013
Spartan CG(Chris Gayle) 2012
Spartan DB(Darren Bravo) 2013
Spartan MC(Michael Clark) 2013
Spartan MC-329 '12
Spartan MC-329 Combat 2012
Spartan MC-329 Fighter 2012
Spartan MC-329 Giganier 2012
Spartan MC-329 PowerDrive 2012
Spartan MC-329 Sparta 2012
Spartan MC-329 Trimph 2012
Spartan MJ-398 2012
Spartan MP(Matt Prior) 2013
SS Custom
SS Sourav Ganguly 2012
SS KP Power
SS LE 2012
SS Orange
SS Premium TON
SS Ranger 2012
SS Sir Richard TON
SS Smasher
SS Sunridges LE 2012
SS Sunridges 2012(Sangakara)
SS TON Gladiator
SS TON Heritage
SS Torpedo 2012
SS Waves
Tazz Players(Blue)
Tazz Players(Green)
Tazz Signature
TON 309 Rock 2013
TON Gladiator 2013
TON Heritage 2013
TON LE 2013
TON Max Power 2013
TON Power Blaster 2013
Vantage LE
Vantage Lithium
Vantage Volt
Warsop The Butterfly
Warsop The Killer
Warsop The Marlin
Woodworm Glowworm
Woodworm Hard Drive
Woodworm iBat
Woodworm Sattelite
Plain Bat

Of course, now that’s a stupid question, isn’t it? You’re obviously waiting for me to reveal the download link for this sensational hard work by AC Studios! Here are the download link(s):

Facing any problems? Please comment below, and if your comment is proper enough, you’ll receive a guarantee reply from either Ayush or one of Cricket Patches’ members!


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      Thanks for helping others, and even me. If you people help me – the individual manager of the entire website, it feels so comfortable and eases my pressure. Kudos.

  • http://www.androidier.com SataN

    Links are tested; 20th April 2014 – they work fine for me.
    If you receive a blank page, try out proxy or SecurityKISS Tunnel to download the batpack! make sure you share it socially first!
    Please do contact us at support@cricketcastle.com if there is any other broken links on our website. We will try to fix them as soon as possible!

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