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Ayush is a well renowned blogger, and has been maintaining Cricket Castle for 3+ years. Modding is what I do as a time-pass, to make the old-boring Cricket07 more realistic. Apart from that, I'm a developer, a gamer and an android enthusiast.

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  • ganja

    awesome batpack

    • rohan

      how did u dwnload it

    • bhaskar babu h j

      please let me know how to down load bat pack

  • prabhakar

    how to download ipl 6 patch

  • Achyut

    what is the password for downloading this file??

    • Saptak


      • Vignesh.M San

        How to download?? plsss giv me link

  • Akshay Jain

    why the download links are locked

  • naman

    the bats are not acctually correct for a;; the players in k2b cricket2013

  • bunny

    i cant download it it is sying url is blocked

  • Atul sachan

    link not avliable

  • Atul sachan

    The URL you requested has been blocked

  • boomy121

    why does my application for the batpack delete itself??

  • Vineeth Gopal

    I hadnt get the AC studio 256 HD pack download link, please provide me the link as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

  • sonic

    where r d download links???

  • Amar

    Link not unlocking!

  • shady

    how can i download this , no link appears!

  • edgehead

    can you please provide me the direct mediafire link? adfly isn’t opening here.
    you can mail me at edgehead1259@gmail.com if you want.

  • vicky007

    it is the best in the world really awesome

  • yoyo


  • bhaskar babu h j

    i am unable to get bat pack pls let me know how to down load

    bhaskar babu h j

  • Anubhav Rai

    How to download AC studios 256 HD batpack. I liked then also it is not downloading please inform me. i will be very thankfull to you…. reply soon

  • shan

    Hii,,I liked in FB and shred with twitter,still nt able to download..

  • shan

    I can’t download the links u had provided above,giving me a blank screen..

  • Magesh Ulaganathan

    how to download it!!!

  • rhayon

    please give me the batpack patch. i have liked the page

  • Mausam Borah

    where is the download link?? i m frustrated!!

  • Musi

    what is the encrypted password ??

    • mohan ram


  • mohan ram

    y does all the download links stucks with that adfly

    • Vignesh.M San

      How to download batpack??

  • Ashish Singla

    i am not able to download this cricket bat pack please help

  • nishith

    this is waste no video to show how to download

  • Ashish

    did it work with cricket 2011

  • Ashish

    wht rubbish … after liking …… their is no page of mediafire…fake download icons

  • rd

    hey this download link is not correct provide another one

  • Vignesh.M San

    can u plsss provide me a link to download it

  • Chaitanya

    Hey ! the site comes v2.adfly…… but it does not open i need it urgently

  • bharat

    the links r cmg blank!!!

  • Aasif Khan

    The download links are appearing blank…….

  • joydeb majumder

    link not opening give direct mediafire link

  • gvnskarthik

    i liked it on fb pls helpppp

  • koushik

    this is the world’s best patch ever

  • akshay

    i cant download the batpack…plz update the link

  • Rupinderjeet Singh

    adf link not opening

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      Use hotspot shield or SecurityKISS Tunnel!

  • Sameer Khan

    just like the link or tweet it and then click on the big button ” DOWNLOAD powered by mediafire” & then adfly page would appear skip it . The mediafire page would appear just put the password ” 256hd” & soon U would download it

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      Thanks for helping others, and even me. If you people help me – the individual manager of the entire website, it feels so comfortable and eases my pressure. Kudos.

  • http://www.androidier.com SataN

    Links are tested; 20th April 2014 – they work fine for me.
    If you receive a blank page, try out proxy or SecurityKISS Tunnel to download the batpack! make sure you share it socially first!
    Please do contact us at support@cricketcastle.com if there is any other broken links on our website. We will try to fix them as soon as possible!

  • anil

    i can not download this bat pack what i should do plz tell m

  • hassan

    i have download it but it is not opening. i think the .rar file is croupt help needed

  • js

    link not available fo download

  • Karthik Raina

    wow wow wat a knowledge


    batpack download link not available what should I do??

  • http://denovopress.com/ Muhammed Ovais Alam

    There’s no download button/link to download the ‘bat pack’. Only Downloader’s Manual PDF link is present.

  • Uxama Baig

    hey its open pdf file

  • Uxama Baig

    can any person help me what to do

  • Muthu Gopal

    i am getting .big async error what to do


    how can i download??????????????/


    can you upload the faysal bank t20 plz plz upload it i shall very thanksful to you

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