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Ayush is a well renowned blogger, and has been maintaining Cricket Castle for 3+ years. Modding is what I do as a time-pass, to make the old-boring Cricket07 more realistic. Apart from that, I'm a developer, a gamer and an android enthusiast.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07670094281151933341 MadAbout Techo

    Your ROCK !! 😀 Thank you :) Installed with ease and no errors :) pls check my cricket07 reply also 😛

  • Anonymous

    File size is too large , but thanks for this game :) Can you upload Ashes 2013?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13616568479267264964 Nick Strauss

    @Anonymous: The file is compressed :) The original file is even more larger 😛 . Ashes Cricket 2013 is not yet released. We will add the download links once the game is released. For more information on the release dates, gameplay trailers and much more go to OFFICIAL Ashes Cricket 2013 blog: http://ashescricket2013.blogspot.com/ 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/haarishkalayan Harish Kalyan

    i cant able 2 download via torrent

  • Neil

    where can i find the free download link of Ashes Cricket 2009 International Patch 2012 from Revolution studios …………………….please reply fast ……..this is urgent :(

  • AshesRockspp

    How to install this game in Window 8 ???

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      The same steps..

  • તોફાની કાનુડો હની પટેલ

    where is the read me file or how to install step…???

  • Rohit Kumar

    how to install CodeMaster Ashes Cricket 2009

  • sarthak

    where is the readme and the setup

  • Ananth

    Download link yello le!!

  • james milson

    i get an error message saying that there is no disc inserted so it doesnt load :( HELPPPP!!!!

  • paras lodaya

    hey ayush update yhe links

  • Abbas

    i have downloaded it..and the folder where i have downloaded shows a file “reloaded” and other files…how to start the game?? the “reloaded” file is nfo file

    • ssobii2

      open it with winrar and extract rld.aco9.r00.

  • Ragul

    Well, doesn’t work.. I got the same file as Abbas got and it isn’t working. Someone please help me to install this game..

  • Harsh Dhiman

    Hey, can anybody help me installing it..!!?

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