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Ayush is a well renowned blogger, and has been maintaining Cricket Castle for 3+ years. Modding is what I do as a time-pass, to make the old-boring Cricket07 more realistic. Apart from that, I'm a developer, a gamer and an android enthusiast.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/hamza.afzal.140 Hamza Afzal

    bro give me cricket revolution 2010 game original full version please i need cr 2010

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      This is full version only, you need BitTorrent to download it!

  • satwik

    what are the controls of this game i am not able to play this game

  • lucky

    is this the official version or just a pass by copied game

  • Gautham

    Cricket Castle,
    Please create some Patches for this great game. This is a complete game and we want more patches for this Game too!!!!

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