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Ayush is a well renowned blogger, and has been maintaining Cricket Castle for 3+ years. Modding is what I do as a time-pass, to make the old-boring Cricket07 more realistic. Apart from that, I'm a developer, a gamer and an android enthusiast.

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  • http://google.com/ Kartik

    Awesome man :) Thanks for the torrent I requested you 😀

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06049149012700499354 Nick Strauss

    Amazing Patch :)

  • Anonymous

    Thx :’)

  • Anonymous

    Best Ever!!
    To People: It really works if u followed the guide properly!!
    My specs: Windows XP, 512MB Ram, 500GB Hard Disk Storage..

  • http://eapatches.blogspot.com/ Abbh’s Modified Cricket EXe


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07670094281151933341 MadAbout Techo

    Hey man please help me I get Cricket07.exe has stopped working!!
    I use windows 7 intel core i7
    8900g nvidia graphic card

  • Anonymous

    Can i install your patches if i have installed cricket 2011 patch in the game ? Please reply….

  • Shubham Bista

    How to download directly the cricket 12?

  • http://www.facebook.com/srinivas.govankop Şřînîväs Govâñkop

    im nt geting the game.pls help me

  • Sidd

    im not getting step 4 of installation (about that crack) please help….

    • aman

      im not getting step 4 of installation (about that crack) please help….

    • khanna

      crack folder located at disk 1 bro…

    • rikkhesh

      you could download the crack folder via torrent

  • Sharun Kumar

    where are the cracked files…its not with the downloaded items :(

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      The cracked files are in the Crack folder of Disc1. It also has the keygen.

      • Sharun Kumar

        yeah i got it…but after installing and adding these carcked files, the game opens, but have the IPL2012 welcome screen :( … i didnt have added any patches to this…

        • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

          Delete EA Sports(TM) Cricket07 folder and reinstall.

          • Sharun Kumar

            ok will do accordingly..n caontact u if any further problem arises…anyway thanx admin

  • koushik

    hi i’m no where finding the link to download cricket2007… can any one help me with the link..

  • shad

    how do i mount the seconds iso file?

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Just do the same step as you did to mount the first .iso file!

  • rex

    man.. whenever i try to mount the iso file using daemon tools.. it says, disc not inserted….. what shall i do now ??? :/

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Dude you gotta mount the .iso file! Just open the .iso file with Daemon Tools and go to my computer and run autorun.exe :)

      • Hanzla Natalwala

        Where is iso file bro….???

  • salah

    does it work for windows 8

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      It does for my neighbour, so it will for you..

  • Rifnaz Nazeer

    i installed and next step was asking to insert the CD , i download the torrent and installed ,
    pls help me

    • khanna

      Use daemon tools bro…

      • prince

        howto use daemon tools plz plz explain me

  • aravind

    hey ayush do u know something that this folder is virus

  • Chaitanya

    can you please explain how to launch the game after the installation is completed? I tried to open it but getting the error “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select ok and restart application”

    • Chaitanya

      Sorry.. figured it myself… thanks for the help anyway! :)

      • Kamlesh Choudhary

        same problem somebdy help meeee asking for CD

        • ishan

          bro did u copy the contents of the folder CRACK present in the 1st iso file in ur target location?

          • G-Dog

            whats the target location

    • ibtisaam

      same problen occurs with me how u figured plz tell me bro

  • cricketer nanu in cricket 07

    hi ayush , i want to tell u that cricket 07 is working but … he is not having commentary and without commentary it is use less so please help me from where i can get commentary files….. reply fast i cant wait

  • cricketer nanu in cricket 07

    hey im back and i wanted to ask when im downloading ipl6 it is saying
    Ad Blocker Detected! so wat to do im posting this here due to no comment option in ipl6 download thanky.

  • praise

    daemon tools??
    wats it,,.. where cud i get it?

    • suleimaan

      google search it bro..

  • haroon khan

    it works perfect was looking boring at the installation time but got something better the Commentary i didn’t had commentary in the other version i installed thanks for informing us about it..
    Wish you Success in every step for new patches lolz

  • ibtisaam

    after instalation it is not opening.. only black colour screen is coming… any screen resolution required? my window is window 7.

  • ibtisaam

    when match starts ,after selecting bat aur bowl on TOSS,game gives async load .fsh failed error.. plz tell me what it is?

  • Ghufran ul ahad

    at the installation when it reaches to 56 % it ask for cd 2 , when i insert CD 2 (Mounted) still asking for cd 2 . what to do ?

    • ishan

      After mounting disk 2 does a drive comes in my computer of cricket icon? if yes then all you have to do is click on ok in the dialogue box asking you to insert the second disk… NOTE U MUST CLICK OK AFTER MOUNTING, IT WONT START AUTOMATICALLY

  • Varun Behl

    I have downloaded and install, but don’t understand the crack part. In my torrent, there are only four files: the two iso, one html, and one readme. What am I supposed to move where? Thanks!

    • ishan

      Mount the 1 iso file with the help of Daemon tools.. then run the Autorun.. it will ask for keygen..type this one : 8Y3K-VWZZ-FU45-AFUU-8RLD
      It will start installing.. Around 55% it will ask to insert second disk
      Mount the Second iso file and then click ok on the dialog box asking for inserting second disk
      after completion, mount again iso 1 and on opening the files there wil be a folder naed crackyou have installed Cricket..
      keep the 1st disk mounted.. play..:)

      • Vivek Saurabh Sharma

        HI Ishan.. It keep me asking to insert CD2 instead of fact I mounted it using daemon tools.. I had to cancel the installation each time I try..

  • Avinash

    I am getting an error of “Async load of 8ac71ffd1a114adfc7ed1b348c6332ad.fsh”

    • ishan

      dude delete the ipl roster and dwonload another roster file over the
      after u replace the roster game will run properly

  • ishan

    hey i have downloaded it , installed it perfectly copied the crack and all but when i open the game it shows a black screen then my desktop window returns.. my config is perfect as ihave played this game few months back and it used to work perfectly.. but i had to install it and when i have redownloaded it its showing this problem.. please help

  • Neil

    hey, always enjoyed the game but could never download it, dont really understand the steps to download, help?

  • Muhammad Usama

    I installed the game properly but it is not saving the profile
    please help

  • dullu

    dude tooooooooo slow dude

  • dullu

    it is the badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd game dude

  • OUN


  • rahul

    hey i have downloaded it , installed it perfectly copied the crack and all but when i open the game it shows a black screen then my desktop window returns.. plz help

  • Mohib UN Nabi

    in this full version it also contain comentry

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN


  • Apoorv Jain

    i have done everything right but when i run cricket.exe it shows “cricket07.exe has encountered an problem and needs to be close.we are sorry for inconvinience”

    how to solve this please tell

  • aslam

    hey i have tweeted ,like in fb,nnd g+ but not dwnloaing..why????

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      Make sure you have a torrent client – I use uTorrent. Use that to download EA Sports Cricket07!

  • Maninder

    hey they r saying insert correct cd ROM

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      Did you use Daemon Tools??

  • Yuvraj Batra

    guys its not working in win 7 plzz it stops between the game … plzz help me

  • Ashutosh

    how to download cricket 2007

  • bilal khan

    kasa install hota ha

  • boytoy

    does cricket 2007 work with windows 8

    • http://global-apk.com/ Damien

      yes, it does.

  • Tayyab

    hey there … I dowloaded this by torrent ! .. Mounted iso 1 then 2 then again 1 …. but Instead of Opening game … A black Screen gets up to desktop … and shows nothing .. I’ve waited for 5 mints .. please help .. what to do now ?

  • Vinod

    How to download CRICKET 07

  • Vivek Saurabh Sharma

    HI Admin; seems few people faced the same issue as I did and I followed your suggestions but for my case;it is not working.. please advise..
    I have old copy of Game Already on my Ext.HDD. I made 2 ISO of each folder (cd1/cd2) and at 56%; it keep me asking for “Insert CD2″ instead of fact I already did so using Daemon tools.
    It doesn’t run the CD2 to continue with installation.. I also tried to kick off RunGame.exe in cd2 folder but it didn’t work..

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com Ayush

      Mount the disc 2 using Daemon tools!

  • Naqash Sadique

    Hey Ayush. I downloaded and installed cricket07. But when I open it the sounds are not working. I have installed this game before but it has not happened like this. Please find a solution for the problem.

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