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  1. It will be released in April

    Don't mind, but MCLT20 is in our low priority list. We are working hard for EA Sports Cricket 2016 patch. The patch is almost over and I am personally upgrading my PC to make the video, render it and make a gameplay video too for it. We have also completed PSL T20 Patch which is yet to be published. VIVO IPL 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 should be arriving soon, and the work will start as soon as we are completely done with Cricket16 Patch (most probably when the IPL starts). We appreciate your patience, stay active in our forums, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our website to stay updated with the latest patches and EA Sports Cricket07 content. Hope this helps.
  3. England have been looking really very strong this World T20! Let's see how they perform against the DOMINATING New Zealand in the semis!
  4. Matthews tried his best today, respect to that man - played his innings till the end even when he was in pain and injured badly. He gave his team some hope today vs England (yeah the stupid win predictor at one point of time showed 100% to England, but guess what? Sri Lanka made it till the end from 15/4 to 17 required from 10 where win predictor became 61-39 to Sri Lanka - is that even necessary?)
  5. IPL Fantasy League

    Hell yeah, I have been playing IPL Fantasy League past 3 years with my friends. Joining league and competing with friends is damn fun!
  6. All they need is experience. Give them some time, I am completely astonished by their performance. It's still a big deal beating a Test Playing nation (Zimbabwe) to qualify for this event. It's not far away that Afghanistan will be granted a Test Playing Nation by the ICC. But I highly doubt one would go to Afghanistan in order to play Cricket (we all know the problem that is prevalent over there).
  7. Whoa, is that true! Last year we did have Amitabh doing commentary for the India - Pakistan match, and now Shahrukh That's great to hear, time to switch to that channel. I'm sure it will not be more than 4 overs though..
  8. VIVO IPL 2016 Schedule

    Yeah CSK will be missed, but still, IPL is a very big sports event. It won't have any issues finding sponsors and there are still LOTS of viewers left. Stadiums are and always remain packed, I bet that. Watching Gayle and other top hitters from the world is ecstatic
  9. Should be an easy game for Australia today against Bangladesh. Group B is a tight one
  10. Do you play cricket as a time pass? I am sure that most of you guys do! If so, which brand of cricket bat do you use? I use a SS Cricket bat. What about you?
  11. Forum Updates

    App is under development! Will be available with material design before 10th of April You'll be able to carry our forum in your pockets using our app!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Today we release the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2016 Kits Patch for EA Sports Cricket07! ThePakistan Super League (PSL) (Urdu: پاکستان سپر لیگ‎) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in Pakistan composed of 5 member clubs. With the high demand for the Pakistan Super League PSL 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07, we decided to release the kits first! We are now working on Face pack and roster which will soon be released too. Apart from this, graphics set have also been released by Syed’s Stuff. TEAM REPLACEMENTS: New South Wales – Karachi Kings Queensland – Lahore Qalandars South Australia – Peshawar Zalmi Tasmania – Quetta Gladiators Victoria – Islamabad United
  13. The new entry in the ICC Associates, Afghanistan, has been looking really very strong these days. It is certainly one of the top associates team and it did beat a top 10 team (Zimbabwe) in order to qualify for the ICC World T20 2016 (India). Discuss about the Afghanistan Cricket Team below!
  14. General discussion about the Zimbabwe cricket teams go over here.
  15. General discussion about the Bangladesh cricket teams go over here.