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  1. Hello everyone! Today, we re-launch the Cricket Castle forum which is under beta. If you find any bugs, kindly report them to us and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. With a huge user base, we are looking forward to build a "cricket community" for our users. We at Cricket Castle forums talk cricket, breath cricket and live cricket! We will discuss about on-going cricket matches, series, tournaments - leagues, domestic and international matches. And not to mention, where the birth of Cricket Castle took place - we'll be adding Cricket Gaming forums too! Yes, you'll be able to find out the latest news about upcoming cricket games, will be able to download the modifications of the existing cricket games, and much much more! So please spread awareness about our forum to all the cricket fans over the world (if not that, at least your friends ) We will be actively hiring for experienced moderators who are willing to volunteer and stay active on the forum.  
  2. What's Going On?

    This is a general "what's up" thread. Here you can chit-chat with other users via posts instead of spamming with threads. What's up includes what you think right now, what's in your mind, how you feel, what you're wanting to do right now. Feel free to express it publicly! Currently, I am bored and it's 2:40 AM, not yet sleepy though. Gotta complete the forum as soon as possible!
  3. Favourite PC Game?

    So guys what's your favourite PC Game? My favourite game, without a doubt, is Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter: Strike Global Offensive :-) Apart from those two games, I also own a Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) which I really enjoy playing. And without a doubt, Cricket07 and Don Bradman Cricket 14!
  4. The new entry in the ICC Associates, Afghanistan, has been looking really very strong these days. It is certainly one of the top associates team and it did beat a top 10 team (Zimbabwe) in order to qualify for the ICC World T20 2016 (India). Discuss about the Afghanistan Cricket Team below!
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  15. Version 1.0.0


    Today we release the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2016 Kits Patch for EA Sports Cricket07! ThePakistan Super League (PSL) (Urdu: پاکستان سپر لیگ‎) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in Pakistan composed of 5 member clubs. With the high demand for the Pakistan Super League PSL 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07, we decided to release the kits first! We are now working on Face pack and roster which will soon be released too. Apart from this, graphics set have also been released by Syed’s Stuff. TEAM REPLACEMENTS: New South Wales – Karachi Kings Queensland – Lahore Qalandars South Australia – Peshawar Zalmi Tasmania – Quetta Gladiators Victoria – Islamabad United
  16. Do you play cricket as a time pass? I am sure that most of you guys do! If so, which brand of cricket bat do you use? I use a SS Cricket bat. What about you?
  17. To download mods, patches, graphic sets, stumps, pitchads, menus, overlays, stadiums, rosters, kits, outfields, faces and much more content for Cricket Games like EA Sports Cricket 07, Don Bradman Cricket 14, head over to our main website at cricketcastle.org This is our official forums just dedicated to the sport we love, Cricket! It's a friendly community that we wanted to create for our users, and of course, free of ads - that means we earn nothing out of it! If you are interested to make patches, follow our tutorials here. If you are stuck somewhere with anything related to Cricket07 ask our experts at the EA Sports Cricket 07 where the community seeks to help you out! If you are already a modder or a patch maker, you may start uploading mods in our download section. We reward our users from time to time if their mods are great and become popular!
  18. It will be released in April
  19.   Real Cricket 14 remains one of the better representations of the sport on Android and iOS. This comes despite competition from the likes of Disney India's ICC Pro Cricket games and a myriad of cookie-cutter clones that clutter the App Store and Google Play. It's been a while since we've seen a new entry in the series. The last major update was based on the 2015 Cricket World Cup, quickly followed up by an Indian Premier League based update. They also released a separate game in Real Cricket: Test Match in July last year. We noticed that the game's Facebook page has announced the impending arrival of Real Cricket 16 complete with a new cover and profile picture. That's not all, it seems that developer Nautilus Mobile's approach to the sequels might be different. "Cricket season is coming.... And so is something else. Guess what's coming in the form of a massive update soon!" teased a post on the game's Facebook page. The implications are interesting. Rather than forcing you to download a complete new game and lose out on all your earned progress, it appears you'll carry over what you've earned in Real Cricket 14. It's something Nautilus Mobile CEO Anuj Mankar confirmed to Gadgets 360. If this works out as it should, it has interesting ramifications for local game development practices. Click here to continue reading [via NDTV] UPADTE: The game has RELEASED for Android and iOS! Check the the game on: Google Play | Apple iTunes

    Don't mind, but MCLT20 is in our low priority list. We are working hard for EA Sports Cricket 2016 patch. The patch is almost over and I am personally upgrading my PC to make the video, render it and make a gameplay video too for it. We have also completed PSL T20 Patch which is yet to be published. VIVO IPL 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 should be arriving soon, and the work will start as soon as we are completely done with Cricket16 Patch (most probably when the IPL starts). We appreciate your patience, stay active in our forums, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our website to stay updated with the latest patches and EA Sports Cricket07 content. Hope this helps.
  21. England have been looking really very strong this World T20! Let's see how they perform against the DOMINATING New Zealand in the semis!
  22. Matthews tried his best today, respect to that man - played his innings till the end even when he was in pain and injured badly. He gave his team some hope today vs England (yeah the stupid win predictor at one point of time showed 100% to England, but guess what? Sri Lanka made it till the end from 15/4 to 17 required from 10 where win predictor became 61-39 to Sri Lanka - is that even necessary?)
  23. IPL Fantasy League

    Hell yeah, I have been playing IPL Fantasy League past 3 years with my friends. Joining league and competing with friends is damn fun!
  24. All they need is experience. Give them some time, I am completely astonished by their performance. It's still a big deal beating a Test Playing nation (Zimbabwe) to qualify for this event. It's not far away that Afghanistan will be granted a Test Playing Nation by the ICC. But I highly doubt one would go to Afghanistan in order to play Cricket (we all know the problem that is prevalent over there).
  25. Whoa, is that true! Last year we did have Amitabh doing commentary for the India - Pakistan match, and now Shahrukh That's great to hear, time to switch to that channel. I'm sure it will not be more than 4 overs though..