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  1. Virat Kohli has broken many cricket records. People have started admiring his talent. He has contributed a lot in the cricket industry. Do you think he deserves to be called India's Best Cricketer?   Latest Sport News
  2. Hey guys, let's share the name of all those cricket players who are retired and are your favorite. I have got two retired cricket players who are my favorite - Shoaib Akhtar and Sachin Tendulkar. These two persons were those because of whom I started liking cricket. Latest Sport News
  3. My favorite bowler is Ashwin. He is a very diligent  player in Indian cricket team. Besides that, my favorite cricketer is Virat Kohli. He is better batsman among the rest. Please share your favorite bowlers. Latest Sport News
  4. I don't think so. IMO New Zealand team is the weak team. There are other cricket teams which have better bowlers and batsmen. Check out latest sport news to increase your sports awareness.
  5. Basic Rules of Cricket

    Sorry "Schoolboy Cricketer" but I didn't find anything related to sports on these links.
  6. Gayle Left

    Now waiting for a new season of IPL. Then this discussions will be back on fire.
  7. All time favorite sports person

    My all time favorite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar . Who is your's and share the interesting stories related to your favorite sports person.
  8. Fans of Shahid Afridi calls him by the nick name of "Boom Boom Afridi". His fan following is huge, just like Sachin Tendulkar's. The news about Shahid Afridi retirement has shattered billions of cricket fans' hearts. People are protesting against his decision and praying day and night so that he changes his mind. Check out full report here.
  9. Latest Sport News

    Hello everybody, Cricket and Football are two of the most popular sports in the world. I thought to find one website where I can read all about latest sport news to stay updated. There are many websites where you can find what's happening inside the sport game. But IMO sportbulletins.com is the best which gives only interesting information about Cricket and Football matches.
  10. Science is applicable to almost everything we know. Cricket is also not an exception. You can read here how science has affected the game of Cricket. Many cricket players still don't know these facts which you are about to read. Feel free to share your views.
  11. Your favorite cricket team?

    Hello cricket lovers, do you read Latest Sport News? please share the name of your favorite cricket team. Mine is India. I need to do a general survey for my upcoming latest blog post on cricket fans so that is why I'm asking this poll on this forum.
  12. Even if you are a die-hard fan of cricket game, it is not necessary that you know all the rules of Cricket. Check out this article which explains all the rules which make cricket people's favorite sport! Feel free to comment your objections or views.
  13. Sri Lanka Team Discussion Thread

    Rangana Herath: Sri Lanka spinner takes hat-trick as Australia collapse. Rangana Herath became the oldest bowler to take a Test hat-trick as Australia were dismissed for 106 on day two of the second Test in Galle. Latest Sport News
  14. These days, we can see people comparing Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Ricky Ponting. But I want to know the popularity of both players. Can you tell me, which batsman you think is better?
  15. After recent performance of South Africa team in the trio-series it can be well implied that this country can beat any cricket team with flying colors. Read here for complete detail. Follow Latest Sports News for more such interesting information.