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  1. Gayle Left

    RCB's bowling department has been the only concern for the team. Their batting line-up is too strong, probably the strongest in the VIVO IPL 9! RCB should however win against MI quiet convincingly.
  2. hi i am new

    Hey Raj Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. hi i am new

    Hey Raj Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Cricket 2016 patch is releasing this April only. And please post it on the correct forum
  5. You should never underestimate West Indies. You never know when Samuels or Russell or Bravo may hit the big ones too The new guy Fletcher is also talented. Overall West Indies is a great T20 team and I'm sure it won't be easy for India considering how drastically they lost to NZ and having such close encounters with AU & BAN.
  6. Perhaps you are looking for Don Bradman Cricket 14
  7. Perhaps you are looking for Don Bradman Cricket 14
  8. Perhaps you are looking for Don Bradman Cricket 14
  9. India vs Australia will remain the decider
  10. IPL Fantasy League

    I do start fantasy league every year but eventually I get bored and leave it between. Watching is more fun and updating everyday is a hectic thing   Perhaps an app would solve that issue.
  11. Glad I helped you. Keep an eye on the forums as the download section keeps getting updated!  If you love cricket do not hesitate to participate in the discussions!
  12. Oh that choke today against England.. That game was completely favouring the Afghans.. Don't know how they threw it
  13. I disagree!! The match was more exciting at the end Bangladesh are the new chokers. I can't believe Pandya survived two fulltosses and Mahmudullah tried to hit a six when two runs were required from only three balls. Dumb play at the most crucial moment. Good bye Bangladesh.  
  14. Hello Aaqib, welcome to the forums first of all! You can make mods on lots of stuff like logos, bats, rosters, fixtures, stadiums, kits, gloves, pitchads, stumps, outfields, faces and lots of other stuff. To do that you need to follow tutorials which can be found in our Cricket 07 tutorials thread.Cricket 07 tutorials thread. And the softwares requiredare FshEd and BIG Editor. We'll be creating more tutorials on how to do so but I need to know what mod youre interested to make first. You can download those softwares in our downloads section of the forum Hope this helps and I hope I'll see you active in the forum
  15. I highly believe it's gonna be Windies vs NewZ in the final These teams looking very strong!