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  1. So India vs West Indies wouldnt be much of trouble unless we have a gayle storm
  2. What's Going On?

    my short vacation just finished, so my 12th finally begins today !!! 
  3. IPL Fantasy League

    I am waiting for the IPL Fantasy league, I am a huge fan of it and want that this year too, but there doesnt seem any news about it yet. Hope they wont remove it this year. Are you waiting for it too ?
  4. yeah that a wonderful match indeed !!   We had a close match between South Africa and West Indies too !!! Good to see such matches !
  5. heard that SRK is gonna do the commentry for todays India vs Bangladesh Match !!! Thats going to be more exciting then the match  
  6. VIVO IPL 2016 Schedule

    This year buzz about IPL is very less  I think its mostly because of T20 World Cup and it would be fine once it finishes and its gonna be less fun without CSK  
  7. Yo Guyz

    Yo Guyz, I am Raees and I guess some of them knows me, I am from Karnataka, India and I am a die hard cricket fan and a ex EA cricket modder. Glad to see cricket castle forums once again !