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Ayush is a well renowned blogger, and has been maintaining Cricket Castle for 3+ years. Modding is what I do as a time-pass, to make the old-boring Cricket07 more realistic. Apart from that, I'm a developer, a gamer and an android enthusiast.

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  • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

    Please do not keep asking the Patch release date. We will not announce any release date after misbehaviour of you all due to delays.

    • aravindramesh

      Weather the pepsi ipl 6 patch completed?

    • http://a2-studios.blogspot.com/ a2 studios

      hey ayush^ do not get anger
      i am from a2 studious i can give some ideas to you to complete this patch
      i am also a modder i know the responsibilty of makeing
      so be happy
      you will allow to all of the persons that they do not comment


      • wazzo

        There’s always a few ppl who ruin it for others. Great work you guys do here I must say looking forward to this an cricket 13… well done

    • http://WWW.CRICKETPATCHES.COM chetan


    • http://gamingpctricks.blogspot.com Tarun Kumar

      ayush you dont need to get anger because off iknow that the patch release date is 32/13/0001 which means never because you are just making us fool you dont making any patch you only just a fake only a fake
      i suggest my all freinds to download patch from js studio or a2studio. mr. ayush if you need to proof yourself that is you are not fake realese the patch under date 10th of june 2013 …… dont be anger
      walah walah blah blah time waste

      • Ayush

        Who said I’m angry? LOL. If you don’t like our patches don’t download them. For this reason we have not provided the release date. I have no time to fool you guys, working for a patch isn’t easy. Only the menu is left. You can see the preview of our works at our Facebook Fan Page.!

      • http://www.facebook.com/taka.taka.1257 Taka Taka

        mate ayush is a good patcher and he would never fake a patch

      • http://www.facebook.com/taka.taka.1257 Taka Taka

        dik head!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/taka.taka.1257 Taka Taka


    • Fitchkills

      Ah fuck u…Shit modders

  • Unknown

    I suggest these things….

    1)Free-Hit for No-balls

    2)Super-Over(If you can) if a match ends in a tie.

    3)If any batsman gets out,a new batsman enters try to show the box that shows their best,strike rate etc…(if you can)

    this is for now i’ll include if i get any new ideas

  • zaryab

    add strike rate

    • Unknown

      yea sure.

  • shrey

    can you add

    batting strike rate
    player profile
    strategic timeout

    super over
    players like chris gayle can hit big ones
    bowlers action should be same as it is in the match
    you should show spikes of players like sunil narine
    powerplays should be of six overs not of 4 overs
    we can place the fielders where ever we want
    players like pollard and raina s fieldig should be very good

    • Unknown

      Forgot Free-hit for a no-ball..

    • UMAIR

      kab release ho rai ha

  • Cricket 07 Fan

    Please add Super Over and Power Play Option Is for 6 Overs Not 4 Overs, Try To Change Commentary

  • nawaz

    kub release hoge

  • nawaz

    Please add Super Over and Power Play Option Is for 6 Overs Not 4 Overs, Try To Change Commentary

  • http://www.gmail.com rakshith

    i liked pepsi ipl a lot……………

  • Joban

    Please MAke The BAtting Little Bit EAsier Than The LASt GAmes Like Champions Leaguage And Icc Cricke World Cup 2012

  • aravindramesh

    Add six distance metre

  • Naduna


  • visu

    make game play more tough and realistic
    those who wants easier they will play in 1 star plz make it more tough
    ipl shedule is ok for playing but its not gud after 16 matches,so ilike to say it should be as it is as including qualifier and eliminator.

  • Nightfox

    hindi commentry option it’ll be superb if u take Navjot sing siddus voice.
    Bring Chear leaders to make the complete patch

  • kailas

    Add hindi commentry and bring chearleaders

  • http://www.facebook.com/rk.rao.m Radhakrishna Rao

    where is the download link?

  • yo yo


  • warren

    yor i cant wait for release date gonna be so awesome….

    thanks for the hard work guys

  • vivaan

    please add these things if possible
    1. Hindi commentary
    2. Height no ball
    3. Free hit
    4. Chearleaders
    5. Strike rate
    6. Six distance
    7. Boling action
    8. Batsman carier detail
    9. Super over
    10. Toss show captains and umpire

    • http://a2-studios.blogspot.com/ a2 studios

      1. Hindi commentary-not possible
      2. Height no ball – possible
      3. Free hit- working on it
      4. Chearleaders-possible
      5. Strike rate- possible
      6. Six distance- not possible
      7. Boling action- its to difficult
      8. Batsman carier detail – possible
      9. Super over-not possible
      10. Toss show captains and umpire-working on

      • vivaan

        please release earlyyyyyyyyy this patchh..i open sites daily and watch..bt missing something like ipl 6

        • manaa22

          i too

      • Rajat

        innovate some things like:-
        1. Shots like vil scoop reverse sweep helicopters shots and ab’s sit n six shot etc
        2. Stadiums in india like rajkot ahmedabad jaipur gurgaon etc
        3. Ipl auction confernce after every year in game and bidding over al internatinal players
        4. Dressing room View between overs and tense meter of batsman and bowlers
        5. Crowd graphics and shouts much high and innovative
        6. Post match presentation and man of the match awards
        7. Sledging between players etc

      • Balu

        Plz make opposite team bat according to required rate and loft shots..etc always try to win game and best blower should bowl 2 overs at first and 2overs after crucial or last time…thank you

  • vivaan

    m extremily waitinggggg for this patch


    I AM WAITING FOR THIS……………………………………….


    i dont how 2 download this ipl 5 game will u pls help me

  • http://facebook.com zaryab


    • Unknown

      tht website sux go download if u want…don’t ask others to.

  • vivaan

    please tell me ..if add this things??

    11. Reply on difficult ball
    12. Retire hurt
    13. At stage run opent team
    14. Reqired run rate and score on ball,s
    15. statgic time out
    16. Powerplay 6 overs

    • http://a2-studios.blogspot.com/ a2 studios

      that is to difiicult to do
      we can do 14,16

  • vivaan

    zaryab bro that patch nt gud ..graphics and fsilties also bad..

  • vivaan

    my last and least wish please tell me if u change 8 over spell from 2 to 4 ballers…2 boller do 8 over this is very boring please change it

    • Ghouse

      Guys plz do consider this one :)

  • rajbhatia

    hey plz make batting easier

  • rajbhatia

    hey plz make batting easier
    and show coin toss and change commentary

  • rajbhatia

    hey omgayush pepsi ipl patch is available at js studios then why it is not available here wen u will realese dis patch
    after ipl is over

  • sourav

    where is the download (link) plz…..

  • Ghouse

    Update by GMStudioz on Facebook

    GM StudioZ Pepsi IPL “The T20 Karmyudh” Completion-

    JukeBox & BMP- 75%
    Camera- 100%
    Fixtures & RFE- 80%
    Gameplay- 100%
    GFX- 100%
    Intro Video- 0%
    Kits- 90%
    Logos & Tournament Logos- 100%
    Menu- 50%
    Misc- 90%
    OmOdels- 75%
    Outfields- 100%
    Overlay & Menu Overlay- 90%
    Roster- 75%
    Stadiums- 50%

  • CHirag

    Just Wanted to say That Please Add DANNY MORRISON’s Commentry!

  • http://mystudios.com mohamed yaseen


  • http://mystudios.com mohamed yaseen

    JSSTUDIOCRICKET.BLOGSPOT.IN – in this website you can find js studios ipl 6 patch and you can post it until you release your GM STUDIOZ IPL 6 PATCH


  • Yasin

    This is best website i ever seen…..OmgAyush Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yogesh singhania

    please add a new boundary rope

  • vivaan

    abhe to bta do release datee …mumbai indians win

  • https://www.google.com/profiles/109343205644915653242 Sumit Kumar

    when it will be releasing???

  • Rajat

    add some sledging by players and shots like vil-scoope and something like helicoptr shots etc

  • Praveen

    Try to Add following these
    1.Change Batting shots
    2.silly fights of players
    3.retire hurt
    4.Different commentaries
    5.super over

    • rohit

      from last 2 days i have been playing this game and with every new match i have found a new bug and error..now i am so sick with it that i have removed it and installed the ipl patch of some other studios.atleast there are no bugs in that.i don’t know what testing u guys did when u were taking so long.nonsense patch.i think u people need to play some matches b4 launching this bawaaas stuff.play some matches and check urself :-(

    • akki

      admin there is some camera angle problem whenever a spinner bowls.have u checked it..please check it.whenevr we bowl as a spinner the camera angle automatically changes and it is very dificult to bowl with that angle.plz plz tell how to get rid of that…otherwise excellent work done.

    • Adarsh Shukla

      And Also the six distance metre……….

    • Zain Jawaid

      It would be great if these things would be added…..

      Free-Hit feature also should be added

  • Praveen

    Also try to add DRS System ..

  • Mohit Sharma

    please add these things to patch…….
    1) Misbehave between batsman & bowlers after BOUNCER or YORKER.
    2) after century player remove his helmet
    3) drinks break during match
    4) audience graphics should improve
    5) show double lined overlay like wolrd cup

  • Mohit Sharma

    please next time don’t make patch…
    u r gud editor so you can make own game ,SO please make cricket 14 not patch

  • krishnashepal

    please release patch fastly

  • http://cricketpatches mohanprasath

    when will you pepsi ipl release please release date tell me

  • Vinay

    Hi Guys,
    big fan of all patches for cricket 07…one suggestion for IPL patch, i know you guys try to use existing ea07 fixtures for IPL, the problem i faced last time was when i selected all team as user & played tournament, there was so many matches in the end for same team against each other which totally killed my mood. i am someone who like to play each match batting only (i use control reassign every time). so see if you can fix that issue.
    looking forward to patch…cheers!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ramawatrajeev Rajeev

    Release date pls

  • Mehtab


  • http://cricketcastle.com yash

    when is the release date pls i am waiting

  • Unknown

    please add super over


    can you add ipl auction by just containing their four players

  • ahar

    please release it soon.I am tired of waiting for this patch

  • Chetan Bathre

    Please Add The player Squad only Four Foreigner player In match ?

  • Chetan Bathre

    Can U add player Carrer and Auction

  • ahar

    Hello a2 Studios. can you add this items in this patch.
    1. Post-match Presentation
    2. Orange cap and Purple Cap
    3. Strategic Timeout
    4. The player can play with cap.
    5. In every stadium there should be a PEPSI VIP box.
    6. The song of the team that has either score a boundary or taken a wicket.
    7. Awards Of Maximum Sixes, Nayi Soch and man of the match should be given.

  • vivaan

    release hoga be ya naheee???? Champion trophy khatam hone ke baad release hoga????

    Bhale kuch maat add kro par release to krooo

  • http://facebook.com zaryab


  • Abhishek Sarkar

    Pls. ayush release this patch as soon as possible..we cant wait any more..im dying to playing it

    • inzamum 12

      use a2 studios then HAHA

  • Aayush Srivastava

    Here are some things that I suggest to add to the patch if you can add these then do so please..:
    1.Free hit on a no ball.
    2.Super Over.
    3.Try to change commentator.
    3.Change channel & bottom tray according to stadium selected.
    4.Pepsi VIP box.
    5.The CPU team changes the squad in the matches.
    6.When a batsman comes to bat show along with his name matches played, runs, strike rate, average, 50’s, 100’s, best. Do like this for bowler also.

  • http://www.cricketpatches.com king saqib

    hey ayush dlf ipl 2013 was finished now the icc trophy is started how long take this patch to complete

  • ahar

    ayush and team. Please release it fast. You released the IPl 5 patch on June 2 last year.

  • vivaan

    a2 studio release ipl6 ….DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY

    this site goes to release very late ..i think our time wast with wait for this site

  • http://cricketcastle.com yash

    pls to tell when is the releast date man??????????

  • http://yahoo Aman

    Hey ayush i wnt u to make sme chnges… If possible…
    1:-super over
    2:- different overlays for differnt teams….
    3:-remaining runs nd balls….
    4:-differnt songs fr eg. If dd hits a boundary their theme sng should be played nd if csk or sme other team hits a boundry their theme song should be played..
    5:- playoffs shd be there:!!

  • Ayush

    Don’t worry, everything will be awesome in this patch.
    -We will have all the realistic faces.
    -We will have the realistic stadiums.
    -We will have the latest IPL kits.
    -Names will be proper, and even in the last IPL5 Patch, the names were proper – you just didn’t load the roster ~ follow my video tutorial at my YouTube channel on how to install that patch.
    -If you get errors, please follow video installation guides and follow step properly. Load the roster, install ZAX-256 BatPack.

    We can’t do commentary patches, sorry.. it’s IMPOSSIBLE in Cricket07.

    • Aayush Srivastava

      Can You Add Super Over And Pepsi Vip Box

    • BLACKCAPS for the win

      i did a commentary patch in EA Rugby 08

  • naqeeb

    give a download link man

  • naq

    Get your GTA V Beta Key only at “http://gta-5-betas.tk/”! Thank you so much for the free key!

  • Shrey Kalia

    can there be playoffs in all your previous patches whenever i finish the group stage matches i go directly in the final there are no playoffs . so please please add the playoffs

  • Hamza Afzal

    please add 2 things 1 is add new commentry and add online mode

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Both are impossible.

  • vinyas

    hey,ayush could u plz tell me how to use rcb in green jersey and not in red ,in cricket 12+ipl5

  • Hammad

    yar name thek ho commantary bi team bi thek ho jesi ipl 6 me hy no ball pe free hit or bats,kits,bowl sab kuch achi ho catches,batting and bowling bi thek ho jo bowler ne performance dikahi ho us ko show karna hy ajmal jesa bowler gayle jesa batter or pollard jesa catcher

  • mjhgd

    u can not put 2013 patch roster

  • vedraj

    when game will complete u can send me on my id vedraj360@gmail.com
    and can u add how much long six is please add

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  • vedraj

    when game will release i m waiting please add super over
    players like chris gayle can hit big ones
    bowlers action should be same as it is in the match
    you should show spikes of players like sunil narine
    powerplays should be of six overs not of 4 overs
    we can place the fielders where ever we want
    players like pollard and raina s fieldig should be very good

    please change commentry plesaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Commentary changing = impossible in Cricket07. Try and understand.

  • Mayank Dembla

    where is the download link?

  • yogesh

    hey buddy upload some pictures or a gameplay video please cant wait more

  • Augustya Tiwari

    how to down load it

  • cricket premi

    kisi ko 2013 ke roster chahiye??

    • ChiragBhasin


    • naman

      ha bhai yr…farzi tha wo k2b studios wala to…h to de..

    • AD

      how do i get it from u

    • Chetan Mistry

      haa where can i get it.??

    • Ginni

      bhai muje bhej do roster jaldi…. plzzzzz

  • cricket premi

    heyy, ayush aapke cricket13 me meri roster file work kyo nahi kar rahi he?? please tell me

  • cricket premi

    ayush cricket12 me meri roster file work kyo nahi kar rahi he? please tell me

  • ghgggg

    release the patch

  • ghgggg

    release the patch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      We will, stay patient! It’s already done, due to technical errors we’ve been postponing it.

  • nabanit

    please please please please tell me that when is the patch is going to release?

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Expected date, 7th July 2013.

  • Kaustubh

    Hey OmgAyush

    Plz release the patch fat i m eagerly waiting for dis plz

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Don’t worry, we will release bro..

  • Arpit

    Please Tell How To Download..??

  • Aayush Srivastava

    How much timw will it take i am dyeing to play this game…… :p :)

  • Faisal Khan

    Plz plz plz Put six distance plz

  • akki

    ayush bhai can u plz explain what is this HALF SLEEVE..i didn’t understood..are u talking about players shirts…?????

  • raj

    plz make batting easier plz bowling is good bt is very hard plz plz plz

  • Hammad

    yar sab kuch acha ho warna hum is match ko download nahi kare ge baki sare patch me tumne cawal mari hy is leaa ye patch acha ho

  • yash

    can you add
    that rain stops play
    dl method

  • raycaz

    ab release kR b 222222222222222222222 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • raycaz

    plzz tell the release date

  • warren

    i believe iv been quite patient but now that uv updated ur site i have to ask r u gonna release this ipl6 patch this year or wat? dont have a fanny wobble an threaten to delay release as iv seen u do many times. im asking as a current fan of u guys an a lover of cricket games. surely due to the ashes cricket 2013 delay u would get urs out now an help the community ???? valid questions an comments i do believe

    • warren

      i can read. and did read that. means nothing. since ur just testing im sure u have a release date then??/?/??

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      It is expected to release 7th July, 2013.

      • MOhamed

        yes finally ive been waiting! 😀

      • Mohamed

        i thouhgt it was releasing today. its the the 7th today.
        what happened?

  • padu


  • padu

    this site has got the best patches but it releases the patches too late . if you cant publish the patches at the right time then don’t write that pepsi ipl link . understand you ediot

  • Mausam

    ur games r too tough

  • Mausam

    i downloaded ur cricket 12
    but i could not hit the balls

  • Mausam

    which difficulty is most easy
    plz tell me

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  • Aayush Srivastava

    When will it launch

  • Aayush Srivastava

    Today is 7th july 2013 when will it release

  • umair khan

    ayosh aj 7th july ha aj patch release ho ga ya nai

  • lee79

    i think u dont want to release the patch

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Dude, we’re fixing the bugs.

  • mohit kohli

    hey ayush the expected date has gone today is 8th july when you are releasing it
    plz reply

  • visu

    give a release date atleast post some videos or screen shots its 8th july

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      There are tons of screenshots, there will be an installation guide too & gameplay video also.

  • raj

    hey ayush pls pls release the patch as far as possible

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Yes, we appreciate your patience.

      • raj

        ayush give me fix release date i m waiting for this patch

        • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^
          • shrey

            I canot extract it plz help

          • raj

            hey ayush after some overs game was quit n going to home screen what can i do??

  • warren

    i cant believe its still not released… u sent out msgs all over the show saying the 7th…. now wats the problems ur starting to sound like the developers of ashes cricket 2013….. wen is this gonna be available for download?

  • Siddhant Sehgal

    u said it will be released on 3rd july then what happend? u dont have a calender?? ITS FREAKING 9th JULY!!!!!!

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      IT IS FREAKING RELEASED ON OUR FB PAGE! That is the reason we told you to like our FB Page.. FB Fans must have some advantage..

      http://www.facebook.com/cricketpatches Like here and enjoy the download links!

  • ajay singh

    app kitne dino se ye hi keh rahe hai ki app bugs ko fix ker rahe hai
    kya apne upload karna shuru ker diya hai kya

  • Devanathan N G

    hi iam a big fan of you ayush.

    can u pl tell me when this patch is going to be released

  • Vinay Goyal

    please give a fix date of release.

    daily we r opening the site and getting no response

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Brother let me tell you that the patch is released on our facebook page, we’ll be updating our blog soon! Like our FB Page ( http://www.facebook.com/cricketpatches ) for more information & download links!

  • thevigneshreddy

    I disliked it bcoz they are taking too much time to release the patch…. they said 7th july and today its 10th

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      It is released. You may now play the patch and change your opinion, brother.. http://www.facebook.com/cricketpatches <– Go here and like for download link!

  • Aayush Srivastava

    Plzz tell when will it launch

  • Nrihan

    Hi..How is the IPL 6 Patch ? is it having half sleeves or full sleeves? Pls reply,, CHRIS GAYLE wont look nic in half sleeves..

  • Aayush Srivastava

    PLZZZZZZ launch it i am dyeing to play it

  • sin

    are you releasing this patch this year orr afte we are dead

  • Wazzo Dw

    its the 11th today……

    • umair khan

      oh sir patch release ho chuka ha fb ke page per link dia ha

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Patch is released!

      Check out our Facebook page & like it to download it: http://www.facebook.com/cricketpatches

      • kumar

        Where is the roster file for it???

        • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

          Roster is automatically installed from the exe file! Just load it when you’re in-game!

      • Mohamed

        i think this is the best patch youve made!!!

  • ray

    fuzool no shots selection

  • ray

    baqwass game

  • Aayush Srivastava

    When I downloaded the files they were not working plzz help
    Plzz release the game on ur website also

    • shrey

      yes u are right

      • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

        Use HJ Split.. follow the tutorial we’ve given on our first post at http://facebook.com/cricketpatches or wait for a video tutorial coming this Sunday or before :)

        • shrey

          hi ayush I followed the steps I was able to create a file . but I am unable to extract that file . plz help

        • Aayush Srivastava

          I followed the steps but when I have got the file it says that file is corrupt.

  • shrey

    I joined both your files but the file that is formed canot be extracted . it says canot open that file as an archive . plz plz help

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Use HJ Split!

  • akki

    admin there is some camera angle problem whenever a spinner bowls.have u checked it..please check it.whenevr we bowl as a spinner the camera angle automatically changes and it is very dificult to bowl with that angle.plz plz tell how to get rid of that…otherwise excellent work done.

    • sanjay gupta

      yes u r right..i have the same problem.also the game crashes sometimes in between the match.some other bugs are also there.i have to say am dissapointed with the release.

  • Winnig

    After two over suddenly go to home window screen … what i can do…?
    plz…. hlp

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Run the game with cricket07.exe instead of OMGAyush Cric 12!

      • sanjay gupta

        admin there is some camera angle problem whenever a spinner bowls.have u checked it..please check it.whenevr we bowl as a spinner the camera angle automatically changes and it is very dificult to bowl with that angle.plz plz tell how to get rid of that…otherwise excellent work done.

  • Aayush Srivastava

    The hjsplit links are not working plzz give me the winar links plllzzz thanks in advance…

  • shrey

    not working . when I open cricket 07 .exe and the screen opens nothing comes on the screen just one black screen comes plz help

    • zubair

      using default exe mean?????

  • aravindh

    hi ayush I followed the steps I was able to create a file . but I am unable to extract that file . plz help

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Follow the video properly dude :)

  • Vinay Goyal

    is this patch is available on torrent

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^


  • sahil

    well done buddy 2 introduce the patch

  • akash

    after jooin the two part files when i want open it by winrar or 7z the showing that the file is corrupt. pleas help me

  • kishlay

    this is awesome patch

  • karan thakur

    ayush bhai ye pepsi ipl download kyu nai ho ra hai????
    skip ad karne k baad web page not available likh k aara hai……..

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Retry thakur sahab :)

  • Kevin

    Uh Hi Ayuah…So I was playing it and I noticed I can create a player and add him to any IPL team cuz I can’t find any IPL team when i click on “Add to squad” ….What’s up with that….And also I played one match then when I going to play the second match…Something comes up at where my opponents logo is supposed to be saying “NA” and when I play that team its not an IPL team…Looking forward to ur response bro..Thumbs up for the patch so far

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Hey mate, this is just a Pepsi IPL 6 Patch – in this patch you can only play Pepsi IPL patches, if you try others – (international matches) you will get bugs.

      How to Play IPL 6 in-game?

      1. Run the Game using default EXE(Modified not recommended).
      2. Load Your Profile and IPL13 roster.
      3. Goto Game Modes/Domestic/English Cricket & IPL6/Pepsi IPL.
      4. Choose Season as 2006-07 & difficulty Level. 5.Choose User team and enjoy IPL6!

  • aravind

    where is roster pack for pepsi ipl ? i can’t play because there is no roster

  • Madhuka Ranasinghe

    Mr. Ayush? Aren’t you aware that “Adf.ly” is banned in India? I can’t download this from the following link?

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      I have given the link of j.gs, not adf.ly. It’s an alternative and works smoothly.

  • rohit

    from last 2 days i have been playing this game and with every new match i have found a new bug and error..now i am so sick with it that i have removed it and installed the ipl patch of some other studios.atleast there are no bugs in that.i don’t know what testing u guys did when u were taking so long.nonsense patch.

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      The CEO of GM StudioZ had problems with his life and was struggling with parents. He lacked time and wasn’t able to test and do work properly. Sorry for all the disappointment, we will provide you a better patch next time. I promise.

      • Kanwar Gill

        yaa rohit is right..there are many bugs but i hope u guys make EA CRICKET 13 better than dis one otherwise GM STUDIOZ will be finished.but yes graphics ,stadiums,crowds are great.

  • Mohamed

    this patch is so hard

  • paras

    thanks aayush



    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Use Cricket12 only, this patch wasn’t up to the mark.

  • wasim

    wow wow lots of problems in this patch..i played with KXIP and all foreign players had same faces..lol..then i noticed that mitchell johnson haristyle was swapped with some other player..rofl..and yess the commenator most of the times takes names wrong..lolzzzz…real funny patch :-)

  • sanjay

    i think Mr. Aayush is a fan of Doug Bollinger..that is why the commentator says most of the bowler BOLLINGER…lmao..commentory really sucks in this..your KARBON T20 CHAMPIONS PATCH was much much better than this..this is really bad then patches of other studios..really really disaapointed ..was waiting 4 a long time :-(

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Sorry mate, the uploader had many troubles regarding this.

  • robin preet

    yeahh me to having problem with spinners bowling and batting..but honestly speaking A2 studios patch is much better than this #checkoutyourslef

  • Akash

    Please HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP…….!!!!!
    i had done all the thing that are sayed to do in the video but
    sitll my game crashes after 2 or 3 overs

    • sanjay

      buddy its not ur fault..this patch is not complete..everyone’s facing this problem..infact there a lot of other errors in it also..but can’t do anything now :-(

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      Try out the A2 Studios Pepsi IPL 6 Patch – it’s better: http://cricketcastle.com/a2-studios-ipl-6-t20-showtime-patch-for-cricket07/ <–

      • Akash

        thanks yes you are right..i downloaded A2 STUDIOS PEPESI IPL 2013 PATCH..this works like magic..great patch.thanks for your suggestion AYUSH bhai.

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  • akki

    friends don’t ask for any help or solution regarding this patch..this patch is over now…just request MR. AYUSH that plz give us a decent patch for EA CRICKET 2013..we dont want another dissapointment..that it from my side..

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^

      There’s a surprise for you all on Sunday!

  • Rajesh

    Is It Necessary To Install Batpack….256

    • http://www.cricketpatches.com/ Ayush^


  • Rajesh

    bro, new installed cricket 07, after installed game, nice superb, awesome creativity, opened domestic, ppsi ipl, 2006, 1st difficulty, played 2 overs game is gone, plz help me, game is superb and i wanna play it

    • manoj

      IPL 2013 patch of A2 studios is awesome @cricketpatches:disqus thanks for the link :-)

  • saqib

    ayush there is problem in downloading this patch ipl 6 written requested was not found. plz solve this

  • manoj

    @cricketpatches:disqus bro when are you giving us EA CRICKET 2013..??Atleast give us an idea..waiting 4 ur answer !!

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      How can we answer that? We are not a big company who are going to release our games on DVDs and sell them! We are making our patches for free, and making it for non-profit.. so we take our time to do it. That’s not our life, the other people do it to earn their living. We have our life too..

  • akki

    yeah Ayush bro..i understand what u said 2 manoj..but let me tell u sumthing as ur well wisher that if u fix { camera angle problem of spinners + crash bug } then ur patch will be very close to a2 studios..anyways even if u don’t i totally back my bro to come up wid the best in EA CRICKET 2013..isn’t it ? take ur time ayush but don’t leave any stone unturned dis time #dowell

  • Babu

    How to download roster….

  • sushant

    the downloaded file is not working or open it is a error plz tell me and sajection

  • chetak

    there is no download option…how i download this??

  • Balakrishnan

    I have installed all the files using the above methods. How to open the game. There is nothing found. Please help me.

  • Shams

    Where is the roster located?

  • Vikas

    Errr Ive downloaded and splited the file succesfully but some1 help me putting that files and make it run>??

  • bharu

    its not downloading

  • kanwarpreet

    whenever I play ipl after 1 or in between the match the game crashes and my progress is lost

  • satwik

    the camera angles of the spin bowler is different it is so tough to bowl please change it

  • best


  • shubham

    try to get more graphics

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      We might be releasing an “EA Sports Cricket07 Graphics Enahncer” soon.
      Stay updated.

  • Kartik

    Do I have to use this patch with a batpack? ZW256 or AC256 one?

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      Clean Cricket07 is required!

  • rajveer

    this is a usefull application to spent time when you get bore

  • harsha

    where we should downlaod .it is saying download links are locked

  • kannan

    You hard work is now became success.

  • Jai

    nice game

  • Amal

    cant download patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karthik

    it’s showing the downlod linl is loked

  • Bibek Kunwar

    why the download links are locked i wanted to download it

  • kaustubh

    kaustubh how to download game please tell me

  • jora


  • kavi

    it is suberb and awesome

  • Dinesh

    Hi I am trying to download patch file through mediafire but it prompted me an error that the folder not found, so tell me how to download this patch

  • Mohan Acharya

    unable to download admin,showing links are locked

  • jayabrata

    It’s great.

  • waqas

    its very good web i download lot of games from this web

  • shashi kumar appu

    how to download patch file reply

  • Shabaz

    please change the link of ipl6 patch GM studios,the link is not working

  • Kartik

    plz plz plz any1 give a better roster 4 this patch… the IPL13 roster sucks…

  • deepak

    its a very good game

  • noughty raja


  • viji.123

    thanks ………works well

  • Guest

    Can i get the link please..?

  • pershian cullen

    Can i get the link please…?

    • rishi

      no only for vvvvips like rishi 😀

  • kunal sharma

    i love cricket and criceketcastle is good

    • Rajnandan Choudhury Das

      pls help…how to download

    • rishi

      but i love football ?

  • Paul Walker

    sir today i download ipl6 iso file and open using deman toll when ask key then i give that key which you provide but no one work help me how to install

  • Yuvraj Batra

    best site

    • rishi

      no google is the best ! !

  • Rhythm

    not there on mediafire.its missing

  • debajit das

    when i was click the download here….i have not seen the download option

  • varun singh

    hw to download….:(

  • Rajnandan

    i am unable to download this…pls help…

    • rishi

      i contacts ayush he said he updates links

  • http://www.androidier.com Ayush

    For all those people, who’ve NOT been able to find the download links – please read the post completely and thoroughly and after you’ve done so it would say download links are linked.

    Yes, don’t worry you’re going correctly – they are locked – BUT NO FEAR – we do NOT provide FAKE download links or SURVEYS – it’s just that you have to spread your love by sharing our patch with your friends and family who adore cricket! You can share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – and instantly a mediafire or Google drive link will be available for you!

    Sharing is completely free, and remember – this helps us get publicity and this won’t cost you a single penny. Any support from you guys is appreciated!

    I hope this helps.
    PS: If you still don’t get it, I’ve attached the image for you.

    • saurabh

      what is the password

  • Grewal

    i am not able to download it

  • fauzan

    its awesome

  • S.J.B

    Nice one

  • aff

    folder not found

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  • Vicky Bro

    Please send me download links!!!

  • arun

    dude the download got crapped. I’ve tried to download the patch but there is no such think in your mediafire folder.

  • akhil

    i cant download it plzzzz help me i opened cricket castle want to download ipl 6 i clicked below links iliked on fb after that ad.fly is not resoponding

  • Rushi

    i cant extract the files

  • sanjeewa

    there is no roster in the download! the download shows in the video is different than the actual download links! and I also get an error after the coin toss! please provide .001 and .002 links as in the video!

  • Arunkumar

    hai where can i download roster file

  • Pavan Cherry

    guys download link part 2 is not working

  • saurabh

    what is the pssword

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      Clearly mentioned, crickipoint.blogspot.com

  • james

    unable to load roster

  • Umair Tariq

    The Names Are Not Correct Of Teams And Players

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