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Auxesis Studios Cricket11 Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007

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Finally, Its all set for the release of the Long Awaited IPL Patch by me.

-Zaxotes [Kits,Logos,Menus,Intro,License,Overlay & Misc.] -Biggy [Roster]

-MattW, for his support and allowing me to make use of his new technique of Overlays.
-Ahad, for some of his renders which fuel up the Game Menu and for his Edited Umpire Model.
-Addy, for permitting to release his IPL Stadia as a repack. (Does not accompany the Patch)
-Binnu, for suppot and testing the patch.

-EA Cricket 07 (Freshly Installed)
-ZaxWillowz 256 HD BatPack (DOWNLOAD FROM : ZaxWillowz256-Unpacker.exe)

Your unpacked RAR Archive contains these files:
-Executable Installation File “Install-AS-IPL-11”
-Folder containing ‘Roster’
-Folder containing ‘Add-Ons’
-ReadMe – A text document.

1. Extract the downladed Archive “Auxesis Studios Cricket 11” anywhere on your computer.
2. Run “Install-AS-IPL-11.exe” and follow onscreen instructions to install the patch.
3. Make sure that you browse or enter the correct path of your Cricket 07 Root Directory.
4. Then copy the Roster Folder “IPL.ros” to Cricket 07 Folder in My Documents.
5. Execute the game. Enjoy IPL Season 4…!

1. Load the Roster ‘IPL.ros’
2. Go to ‘Quick Match’
3. Select OTHERS section in ‘Team Select’
4. Select teams of your choice.
5. Proceed with Stadium Select.
6. Select ‘England & Wales’ then select an IPL Venue.
7. Proceed with the match and enjoy!

To go well with Step 5 and 6, You will have to wait for an update with Addy’s IPL Stadia Re-Pack which will be released soon. Till then please cooperate.

The Add-Ons folder contains these items:
-Alternate RCB Kit (‘Game for Green’ Kit)
-Alternate KTK Kit (Chest & Belly Sponsor Swapped)
-Alternate Umpire Kit (Black one. Red is default)
-Alternate Umpire Kit (Orange Kit used in PlayOffs)
You can use these by copying them to the root directory once you enjoyed the default inclusions. I can’t provide the default backup files for now, but you can manually do it.

Start-up Screen

I tried the IPL Batsman image, the IPL Trophy and other images for this section but nothing satisfied me. So tried a player and it suited best. If you don’t want Chris Gayle there and expect other versions, please comment and suggest a player.

Game Menu





Out of 17 renders used in the menu, 9 are from Ahad. Special thanks to him. The rest 8 are cut by me.
The Menu Background is a Complete Scratch Work.

Practice Nets / Create a Player


Image Courtesy : cricinfo.com

Team Select Menu Logos


Tried a different version for Team Select Logos, differing from Official Broadcast themed logos. It actually worked.

In-Game Broadcast Team Logos


Similar to Official Broadcast Logos, worked from scratch. Note that the 3D Logos were completely recreated. The ‘Versus’ image was also worked from scratch.

Overlay and In-Game Menu





The Original IPL Overlay had many features that could not be satisfied by overlay options of Cricket 07. So a new similar themed overlay was redesigned and made for the game. This includes completely scratch-worked graphical elements and utilizes the idea of MattW‘s new edited .rfe file which brings change to positioning of overlay. Special thanks to MattW for allowing me to release his .big file along with this.
The Bowling-Meter part was re-worked, but I am not sure about its performance. This overlay also includes new Control Buttons and New TV Umpire Graphics. The Channel overlay is made for indiatimesLIVE that provided an Online Coverage of the event. The Wagon WheelSpider and Field Editor were newly made. This also features a new Cursor and a Keyboard.


Team Kits




The Kitbags included in patch would not contain Alternate RCB and KTK Kits by default, however they can be downloaded from the thread separately later.

Umpire Kits


The default Umpire Kit included in the patch is only the Red Apparel. The other two can be downloaded later from the thread.
The Slim Umpire model is edited by Ahad, Special thanks to him for allowing me to use them with the patch.




I am extremely thankful to Biggy for making the rosters exclusively for this Patch. Without his help, this patch wouldn’t have breathed.
All players are assigned with accurate bats, you need ZaxWillowz 256 HD BatPack for this to work. Most players will have accurate faces.
All the teams will be in the ‘Others’ section causing no disturbance to the Australian and English domestic circuits.
Fixtures can’t be expected, but freelance fun is assured to maximum extent.

To start downloading the patch, click on the download button below:


Well, I won’t say anything now, as this was one of my first patches. You may not like it but you can. It just has graphics but its gameplay is just normal. You are recommended to download a better logo pack for this patch! 🙂

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