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How to Download Patches from Cricket Castle?

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Well, I’m tired of answering the same questions again and again. I have made the instructions quiet simple everywhere, but still people cannot download the patches and report that the links are broken. They are actually NOT broken (of course they can be – if they are you can always contact us).

My main objective right now is create a guided post for everyone to follow who are unable to download the patches from Cricket Castle. I think this should make your doubts very clear. I’ll be straightforward and won’t enforce you all to click on advertisements. I hope my explanation shall suffice.

The incorrect method – what most people do.

1. Login to Cricket Castle, and open up any patch. Let’s take an example of our most recent one – The Asia Cup 2014 Patch.
2. Now, here comes an important part. People often misinterpret the links and click on the wrong one. For example:

Incorrect method

Please note that if you’re click on those links, by any chance – it’s completely a wrong one. They are just advertisements on our websites for us to earn some rewards for our hard work and time spent. They are not the real download links of the patch – if you download them you download a complete different software – and if you do that it’s not my fault – it’s yours.

So what’s the correct method?

Well, the correct method is quiet simple. We have locked our download links which can be easily unlocked for FREE by just sharing the link socially from our website as stated by the image below to unlock the download links which work 100%


Interesting and easy, huh?

Adfly download links? Why?

Well, adfly is our second major source of income – and if we remove that, we can’t even renew our domain and that means our website will expire. Not only the domain, we have to pay for the host also – so we have to add adfly ads.

How to Open Adfly download links?

Adfly is blocked in India (and Pakistan, or maybe not – I don’t know) so most of the viewers cannot access the download links. Sounds horrendous, but there’s a simple fix:

[pull_quote_center]If the link is http://adf.ly/1234 , just add “s” after “http” i.e., the link becomes https://adf.ly/1234 . If the links is http://v2.adf.ly/1234, simply remove “.v2” and add “s” after “http” as shown in the previous link. So the link becomes exactly same as “https://adf.ly/1234” .[/pull_quote_center]

Other method is to download a VPN software, which changes your proxy from India to another country granting you access to adf.ly links. One common software is SecurityKiss Tunnel and the other HotSpot Shield.

Why are the download links locked?

Well they are locked because this helps us grow more – socially. If you share our patches with your friends and families – they tend (or might) to come on our website and this helps us grow. We do not ask you money for our content, just a social share keeps us alive. That won’t cost you much or make you feel embarrassed, I hope so.

Is this survey and fake download links?

NO! NO! NO! We will never dissatisfy our viewers with fake download links to gain fame. We try our best to fix the broken links, you can always help us by reporting broken links by Contacting us!

Okay, I have downloaded the patch, how to install it?

This is one of the most common questions after how to download. I mean, if I write so much – I wonder who reads it. I provide a full post with written instructions and requirements. If you follow the exactly, I bet you’ll never face any errors – because I always put the patches that I’ve tested.

Alternatively, you can follow our guide to install the most common patches. But remember, it may differ from patches to patches and their requirements.

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