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Ayush & his brief antiquity

Ayush Dudheria, 20, from Kolkata, India is a blogger, android enthusiast and a gamer. Above all, he’s a true cricket follower – and probably the reason you’re on this website. I started off making YouTube videos at first relating to Cricket Patches – it’s installation steps & promotional videos. When it had received 80,000 views in just 2 weeks, I realized I could make use of this sudden fame. I started off a random website, cricketpatches.blogspot.com publishing patches for EA Sports Cricket07. It gained viewership a lot more than I would have ever expected, and I started earning online through ads. I used to love replying to each and every comment on cricketpatches.blogspot.com – and of course, making YouTube videos is what I loved that time. Oh yes, and by the way I’m talking about the year 2012, probably mid March.

Nowadays, with the pressure of studies and other priorities I am not able to respond to anyone in time. I try my best to keep the website updated and to solve your comment problems and questions via e-mail and Facebook.

About Cricket Patches

Official Logo of Cricket Patches

CricketPatches.blogspot.com had gained enough fame, more than what I expected. I thought, it could be more popular if I could purchase a domain name CricketPatches.com. I was thinking to purchase, but then randomly I participated in a competition, in which I won a free domain of my choice. I received CricketPatches.com from Ajay Singh Bisth without even paying a cent. However, AdSense was no more there in CricketPatches. Blogger caused tons of issues. Some retards started reporting my blog for spam (those Bidvertiser ads are considered as spam, I guess). Not much decline happened, but it did cause a loss of certain population of visitors. Earnings started declining as there was no AdSense. I was banned from PlanetCricket – even though I asked the creators’ permission and credited them with their links. Nothing was going in my way.

It got even worse when blogger suspended my blog CricketPatches.com . I was speechless. I was losing fame, and I know I had to take a correct step quickly. I suddenly had an idea. I thought of investing on a self hosted blog with WordPress – not to be tied with a rope by any other person. Hence I purchased CricketCastle.com, and moved CricketPatches.com to tumblr, which is obviously suffering drought now.

About Cricket Castle

Cricket Castle. Period. Probably my most famous creation ever, and which lasted the longest among the above and is still in existence. I have always had a good experience with WordPress, and I was sure this won’t disappoint me. I did invest a few bucks for the Web hosting and domain, but it’s alright – I recovered it in a few days. I redirected Cricketpatches.com to CricketCastle.com for a few weeks so that people come to know about my blog.

CricketCastle.com flowed in the stream fluently and one fine day AdSense had accepted my blog. I was surprised, and happy too because my earnings had been boosted. But gradually, yet again, some retards reported it for spam. I don’t know why. I had got my AdSense account suspended. It was on June 21, 2014 when Google had suspended my AdSense account – not only that, they blocked my website (BlackListed it) from being able to view in their search engine – which was the major impact to my website as 95% of the visitors came from Google search. The website went really down, and only the people who know the domain visit it. But I did’t give up. I continued with the blacklisted website, and even though most of the posts are blocked by Google, people still visit CricketCastle.com manually, and I am really very happy about that. I will keep on updating this website, for the sake of my viewers!

CricketCastle.com to CricketCastle.org

cricketcastlelogoAs the domain CricketCastle.com was blacklisted by Google and was not visible in search engines, I thought to move the domain to CricketCastle.org, the domain you are at right now and I decided to keep running the domain CricketCastle.com as forums so that my past is saved and it becomes a place and community where people across the world could discuss about cricket, cricket games and much more. CricketCastle.org since then has been running well and had a logo re-design which is visible on the header and above. It also had a design revamp and everything was cleansed.

If you have read everything till here, I thank you and appreciate your time 😀 Hope you liked our website’s content! Make sure to follow me on Twitter, like our Facebook page!